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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To ya all who are like get rid of this thread. Yr makeing it quite easy to see that u r dumb! Click to another thread dips shits. Let us who like to explore the possibilities explore, i just get frustrated when I'm cruzin along reading and yr like this is bullshit,yip yap yada yada bitch bitch, shut up and go to another thread, but as this was explaining reptilian we know why u do it. So how does that frustration taste? Cuz it should be totally boring and taste like all the rest, seeing how ya all keep repeating everything there's nothing new to feast on, it's all just so repetive that are anger,fear, hatred whatever has absolutely lost any real yummy energy, because now its totally saturated in complete stupidness. I wonder if you know u have been feasting on stupidness for the last I say solid 13 years. I guess as they say, u r what u eat. Jokes on u. LOVER! So how's it going stupid?
 Quoting: SMP 19247487

...go back to school.

Why is this stupid thing PINED?
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