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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
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No...you see. You have it all backwards. The.knowledge system is itself a form of delusion to keep YOU under control. So that you nay administer the illusion on behalf of people learning to get rid of their negative emotions and progress forward. The ego is purposely enlarged in the occult preciseky so you will fall for falsehoods that are meaningless unless put in relative contexts. That is why when you look out ans see the "farm animals" it encourages a sense of guilt. At least at first before they destroy your heart...and a desire to pounce and predates by the same token of the perceived helplessness. This gives you the illusion that you are in control...when all along you are following natural law (at least those below 12th or 13th) . You are deceiving but being deceived simultaneously that you are the one in control-when the fact is that purely by quantitative comparison. The light or these higher beings could end ewrth at any time they wished.

Its like comparing q post singularity civilizatiin where everyone has the power if God to an Indian tribe in new Mexico (dark vs light). all light means is greater information. Not anything to do with being good. But that just happens to be the inclination ofnbeings the more they increase in information.

so in other words. A more appropriate comparison would be that of w 5 year old.kid who is allowed to have an ant farm by his father. Except he isnconvinced in an illusion that he has power over people so he doesn't get bored. Since rewlizing the truth would make him discontinue his efforts.

Its more like a janitorial job or mop work to a greater grand design set from above. So that people have an experience and learn lessonsm you need a man behind the curtain ti run the show

sure luciferisn consciousness gives you God like potential and ability especially when you compare to others who are relatively "asleep" or dead. There are great perks such as great wealth at the expense of pummeling the "cows"

But its a delusion that is itself a cheap knock off of the real thing and is not sustainable. Causing just as much pain as pleasure on the opposite side of the roller coaster so it equals back to zero. Knowledge In the higjest occult is referred ti as falsehood. Or truths that is only meaningful ir relevant in context. In the Vedas this is described as the "relative" realm as opposedd ddto the real of the absolute or metaphysical. Information.

The empirical reality or observable is an illusion while the objective reality has to do with the laws of information absolute or metaophysical.
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