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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Knowledge is a way of trapping people in the occult into a control structure and half truths that are only true in very specific contexts. So you are more entrapped thsb anyone else if you really beleive that's which I don't beleive--

You are doing the dirty work so people can learn their lessons and in the past..deceived with assurances of control.

The fact is you only have control by virtue of humans lack of information ir ego based actions. Its an information symmetry. And it all has a set deadline. Knowledge is a false security. and it isn't because of some outside phenomenon. The light having more power etc that is merely a description. It has to do with knowledge being limited and inherently false by itself and that the farther away you get from truth the more pain and scarcity environments you end up experiencing over time. That's it. The abundwnce of truth naturally evolves beings i this direction. Knowledge only gains power by lack of information and falsehood. Its there to help you through your caretaker role. But all limited things-it is going to have an end.

This is not about bad vs good. Its the way things are. Like an equation-truth meaning and light is an infinity while knowledge is a finity that exists by being hosted on this infinity os. It cant exist by itself as its a relative existence.

Its a delusion with an expiration date so humanity gets the experience or the tree or knowledge.
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