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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle nelusmc
Post Content
Solarsun I read everything you said I agree with you in some things. Others you yourself has been decieved. You said you experienced many spiritual experiences. I have as well I assure you that when you enter specially through family into these orders the demonic entities are attached to you from before birth. I am a christian in other words I follow the teachings of Christ Jesus as best as I can. My experiences with the demonic have been very interesting for when the power and presence of GOD is near these things coward in fear. Your not supposed give in to them, and they are not part of you. I have seen these things and I have felt these things literally leave my body. When I have been in spiritual warfare with these these things that were affecting me from within. There is only one way against these things and thats Yeshua. You said yourself that ones that are on top are spirits. Is it not written in scripture test all spirits for they can appear as angels or messengers of GOD. Be careful if these things got a hold on you, dont make peace with then but war against them. Or if not you might find out to late that what you thaught was was not
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