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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
So, what is the galactic even that the Mayan calendar was discussing? Just the change of an age? Or does it have to do with an astronomical event that happens once every 25,000 years or so?

Why all the craziness about the Sumerians/Nibiru? What was the purpose of releasing that info?

Obviously TPTB would not let anything into mainstream without permission. So every tidbit of info was hand fed to us. So why was Zacharia Sitchin's work published?
 Quoting: Revguard

The cosmic alignments happening at this time will allow for greater influence on various events, manifestations and consciousness. Thus there are forces both "good" and "bad" working hard to try affect the outcome in either a "negative" way (for the majority of us) or a "positive" way (for the majority of us).

It opens up the possibilities for great and powerful changes, whether positive or negative, depending on who "wins" the spiritual battle and how mankind is as a whole at the time.

Everything for the moment being indicates great positive changes coming, there were big plans and work done for negative impact upon us, but this has changed and the more negative parts of the secret orders and those groups working against you have fallen or are in the process of so and more positive energies are taking over, better people with more benevolent agendas are gaining the higher positions of these orders.

There will be turmoil first, while things are shaking and falling, and the change is complete, but this apparent negative period will be short, and for the better that comes after when the positive wave really pushes forth.

The same positive energies, and takeover of the secret orders - taking the agendas of the secret orders back to its origins and pure good intentions - is also the answer to your question why material like the sumerian-sitchin related stuff comes out and is "allowed". The Negative group is not in complete control of everything, there are some good ones of us around in higher positions letting us share some of the real light as well, and we are growing and the old greed is shrinking.
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