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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
My comment was actually a bit more invovled.

Like many of us who anticipated the September 21st reveal date, I waited. Hearing nothing, it was afterwards that I went to their site to follow up.

This is when I discovered that some of their work included bio-medical nanotechnology.

This is a field that disturbs me, as it has already been proven that these extremely small particles can be absorbed into the bloodstream, thus accumulating within the body to do unanticipated harm.

My belief is that this technology should not be used in a widespread fashion. These minute particles have broken off, shed from clothing and foods, to become airborne and absorbed by the body.

The discovery that Keshe seems to embrace this has led me to wonder just how 'wonderful' they really are,

This is what I actually presented to SolarSun for his consideration.

If they are just another pack of wolves in lamb's clothing, I want to be aware.
 Quoting: Esoteric Morgan

Since I am still unfamiliar with the specific group in question by name, I can only comment on the technology you mention. I do not know the intentions or agendas of this foundation.

But, the technology is already in use, nano-technology is fairly well developed, and for the moment being they can actually create and program artificial bacteria and virus. Such can then be introduced into the population through different means - vaccines being a very common route. They have also spread it in the ocean and water supplies. They also use it for other experimentation such as possible uses in technology, as well as war - one example being the newly discovered metal-eating bacteria that is consuming the Titanic (here is a story on that: [link to www.msnbc.msn.com] ) - this is is one species of these artificially created and programmed nano-technological bacterias.

Here is a fairly informative article that was released into the public on this technology [link to singularityhub.com]

You will also find this technology airborn, such as in what you know as "chemtrails".

When it comes to human applications of this, it is mostly used for various mind control and spiritual supppression, to dumb down people, make them more obedient and apathic, as well as for other biological-mental-spiritual experimentation.

So your fears are already well grounded in reality, unfortunately. This technology is also self-replicating, and does not need maintenance.
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