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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
Hey op, is Atlantis for the place before earth was built, the place where you said humans were fighting the reptilians and were fooled by them thinking there was an escape, but it brought us here to earth?

Is there going to be another trap set by them to take us to another even more controlled farm?
 Quoting: Bent

In one sense yes and in another sense no. Explaining things like these with as few words as possible is difficult - even with large amounts of words it is difficult.

But I will try to briefly do so. Again I must go back to my previous comment stating "The Microcosmos is mimicing the Macrocosmos".

This means, that Atlantis was / is not only one place, but it existed (and one could reason, still exists) both here on Earth physically, but also elsewhere in non-physical existence outside the sphere where the physical existence is located.

All things comes from the Astral realms first, or the spiritual world. Everything MUST be represented in astral / thought form before it can turn physical. This can be likened to how we must first think a thought before we can put it into action in the world around us, such as for example taking up a pen to write a poem, or design an invention. It always starts out in the realms of the Mind first. The Mind is directly connected with the Astral, since it is a realm based on Consciousness and Thought. Even though thought still comes before the Astral, it will manifest instantly in the Astral, before it then is given the opportunity to manifest more slowly "step by step" here in the more dense physical world.

Thus, the Atlantis known on Earth, is a microscopic representation of the Atlantis that exist spiritually, in those levels of existence outside of the physical universe. Many of the Humans that were of the "spiritual counterpart" of Atlantis incarnated into physical representations in the "physical counterpart" on Earth. The human race itself however, being influenced by the negative-mindset of the reptilians, were starting to become more "self-interested" or "greedy" at the time, wanting "more".

In other words, during Atlantis, corruption started to spread between Humans themselves, and in the end their own lust for power and control led to their own destruction.

People living NOW, are representations of the people back then, in other words, many of you living now have lived previously in a past life in Atlantis - and thus you are reliving the same mistakes as you did then, moving towards destruction and fall once over as you have already done. This is "hardcoded" into your subconscious mind and although you are not aware of it, you are in many ways directly copying what you have done in the past.

This is something important to realize, and be completely aware of, since it will allow you to NOT do the same mistakes but rather gain control over your own destiny instead of following the "program". The "program" is part of you due to the reptilian interference and manipulation of your beings as mentioned earlier.
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