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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
I also don't know what you are doing with the negative squares inside of you, you call them demons or negative beings, and you say we need to work out a deal with them?

That is not the case at all!

Inserted into the reflected world, the DVD, the never ending story, a world of Darkness and Shadow and Distortion (though it was perfect when it all began for this universal cycle, a true reflection of home then. It's Fallen! Greed, Bloodlust, Inequality!)

We are created with half shadow and half Light Squares in us.

The Light Shines in Endless and Everlasting and helps us all here, its not the opposite meaning. All the threats you get from bullies, the negative watching and contact, occurs, via dark shadows. Some of us keep a light on.

With all inside us, the weaknesses this world reveals, and the dark squares in us, we need to face them, seek for the lesson they show, the weakness in us, they reveal, and ask our Souls, Family, Goodness/God, Mom/Dad, to assist us, to overcome all negative, to grow past it, to forgive it, to learn the lesson there, and move beyond and higher frequency.

And do so with humor, compassion, on self and others, joy.

Some problems are hard to deal with here, so raising frequency first is necessary: we can raise our frequency off the charts with whale songs, nature, laughter, hugs, comedies, positive writing, poetry, self statements, nature, meditation, Ho'onoponopono!!!!!! and in the end the fastest way IS GIVING TO THOSE IN NEED AND VOLUNTEERING.

When you laugh, hug, find your happy thoughts, you can fly. You overcome the gravity within you.

From higher frequency you look down on the flaws and weaknesses with humor and as if from a past life, and you see the lesson there.

We're not to make deals with our "dark demons", we're to transmute, the dark squares to LIGHT.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

There is a vast difference between "outer demons" and "inner demons". The term "demons" is not very appropriate in either case, I use the term loosely.

You need to come to know your inner selves - yes that is plural - you consist of not only one consciousness but of several, call them "smaller consciousnesses" , that makes up the whole, what you perceive as your "ego" or "self".

By learning to coming to know the other aspects of self, you can get to terms with yourself, or your other selves, so that you ALL can be in inner harmony and working together, and remove any type of conflict in between you. This will in turn cause positive experiences not only in your inner world, but in the external world around you and in all experiences you will have in life.

The jungian term "archetypes" are more useful here than "demons" or "angels" - and these archetypes are shared in the Collective Consciousness. But they affect us individually. All experiences in your life and what you see around you is a reflection of what you are inside yourself, and of what relation you have to your inner selves, these archetypes.

The bullies you mention, or other negative events, take place when one or more of the inner archetypes are suppressing or repressing a conscious part of yourself into your subconscious, and thus manages to project themselves into the people and places around you.

You will not be bullied, or have negative experiences in life, if you are completely in harmony in the inner world and with all the inhabitants of your inner self, your Mind.

It is the inner conflicts that creates the outer conflicts, and those outer conflicts are there symbolically to make you aware of problematic areas in your inner self. Addressing those issues and working them out, will result in the outer conflicts going away when the inner ones are turned into harmony.

You attract to you in life what you are within.
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