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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
Solar Son,
So...were you suggesting opening the third eye is a bad thing? One should avoid doing so? Can your third eye be opened safely? You make it sound like a major security risk.
 Quoting: Third Eye Activation 24951688

Think of it this way: A computer with an internet connection is not a bad thing on its own. The problem is when you leave that computer open with too much security holes. Think of someone in China - they are very limited on what they can surf online, what information they can get. Their computers and online activity are highly monitored and easily controlled by governments. Imagine computers created with security holes on purpose, so they can be controlled when wanted or needed. This is how the body is created, and the purpose of the Third Eye.

The trick is the same as for computers - to outsmart the technology and create protection against the security holes, and be able to find loopholes in the design of the Creators so you can get MORE access than was originally intended, in the same way a hacker can hack into the databases of the governments and other secret institutions.

Learning to CONTROL your Third Eye activity is the key - find the loopholes that enables you to access the higher levels you were not supposed to access, while at the same time limiting their ability to "detect" and control you back.
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