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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hey SS,

Is tobacco in any form alright to smoke? I smoke cigarettes, how bad is that for me in a "keeping him dumbed down" sense. If I say, grew my own tobacco and it didn't have the chemicals, would this be okay?

Do you drink alcohol? Do you partake in any drugs? Is marijuana a bad thing to do?

When I close my eyes I cannot visualize the way I know many/most people can. I struggle and nothing is ever clear. If I draw a detail in one spot, and look somewhere else, the previous detail will be gone when I look back in that direction. Same thing if I was to try and solve a math problem in my head, the numbers disappear.

How can I become better at visualizing? I am very imaginative, although ironically not in my own head.

What about diet? Are there products I should not be consuming?

Last question, when I consciously try to do good things and be productive with my life, I immediately watch my influence on actions of people, what they say, things I've thought/said that they do, numbers, behaviour of my pets, especially my Dog, etc. I also then feel like the more good I do, the more bad has to happen to equal out the positive deeds. Is it better to just say, "Screw it," and sit under a tree and meditate for the rest of my life where I take a more personal approach to my own well-being.
I find it scary when I, "get in my groove," so to speak as I feel like I am controlling a game and watching it unfold. Suddenly people become actors of my doing.

It is scary to watch how someone can be pulled out of a situation when they are hearing "positive" and possible life-changing information. I have literally seen people suddenly just say in the middle of the conversation, "I'm tired and going to sleep," and just like that put their head on their shoulder/couch and they're out. Or people coming to take people to other rooms, emergency phone calls they have to take, etc. It's beyond strange and I can't talk to people about it.

Thank you in advance for responding.
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