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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Esoteric Morgan
Post Content

I have this thought/belief that darkness is really just another form of light energy, on opposite ends of the same spectrum. In fact, I believe it is a hyper form of light which cancels itself out, because it cannot be controlled easily. That what is call the void is not actually vacant or a vacuum as we consider it to be, just minimal in aspect. It's just pool of inertia in which things can happen, exist, without influencing what's happening in the space around it.

To broaden this, I have considered this vacancy to be the 'principle' of what's called 'nothingness', a natural state which allows for the attraction and repelling of energy in a balanced way, thus creating a neutrality which allows for a freedom from influence of things that do not matter.

Let's use negative energy as an example, by having an abundance of it already, and necessarily, part of our makeup...

That, we use this NEEDED negative energy as a 'force-field' of sorts, which naturally attracts positive energy towards the core of our being...for only opposites attract.

If we were only filled with positive, we could not draw anything positive to us, could we?

Is this the basis of the infinity symbol, a constant drawing in and releasing that creates a balance?

Oh, and I still wish to know if darkness is a form of light, perhaps such a hyper form of it, it negates itself in aspect. Could this be how portals open and become utilized?

(I wish I could expain myself better, and, have not confused the issue.)

Thank you,
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