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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
Hey SS,

Is tobacco in any form alright to smoke? I smoke cigarettes, how bad is that for me in a "keeping him dumbed down" sense. If I say, grew my own tobacco and it didn't have the chemicals, would this be okay?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19079034

Smoking tobacco seems to be fine, have never noticed any negative effects spiritually speaking. I smoke some harsh rolling tobacco myself full of chemical waste. Obviously not good for the health, but it doesnt affect your mental or spiritual progress in any significant way. If you get your hands on natural tobacco without additives that is great but even standard store bought tobacco is fine in that regard.

Do you drink alcohol? Do you partake in any drugs? Is marijuana a bad thing to do?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19079034

Alcohol is ok as long its now and then and not constantly. You should not do spiritual or magical work while intoxicated though. Alcohol is one of the drugs that easily lets you more opened up for expressions of other inner entities, the archetypes I have mentioned some times by now. A drink in the weekend is fine.

Marijuana is one of the worst spiritually speaking. It too opens you up for inner entities to take over like alcohol, but it is also a drug that remains in the system much longer. It will take at least a month after use for it to clean out of the system and not affect you anymore. Usually several months. It is also one of the more deceitful drugs that tends to induce false feelings of spiritual progress while the opposite is true. Of course alcohol can do the same, but its effect is much shorter than marijuana. Thus, smoking more than a couple times a year would not be good. Best to avoid completely in my opinion.

Certain psychedelic substances can be of positive use, when done correctly and in a shamanic setting. This means the guidance of an experienced psychonaut (or shaman) who you trust completely and feel good energies around. Again, this is not something to do often. A session once a year or so and no more. The key is to learn to obtain your spiritual experiences naturally, without any substance, so if using such it should only be to initiate such experiences to get to know them, and then move on to inducing the same without the substance.

When I close my eyes I cannot visualize the way I know many/most people can. I struggle and nothing is ever clear. If I draw a detail in one spot, and look somewhere else, the previous detail will be gone when I look back in that direction. Same thing if I was to try and solve a math problem in my head, the numbers disappear.

How can I become better at visualizing? I am very imaginative, although ironically not in my own head.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19079034

Visualizing is a distorted term, since it does NOT rely solely on "visual" methods. You can imagine using other senses, such as feeling, touch, smells, tastes, other inner sensations. If you ever sit down and relax and try to relive a particular moment of your life in your mind, that is pretty much the way it should be done when you visualize in spiritual practices too. The way you imagine thing, the way you fantasize, some people have a stronger focus on one sense than another. Blind people for example, will obviously not use a visual approach, but usually an approach of tactile sensing such as touch, or even sound-based, and smell based, etc. Just a short example can be to imagine yourself inside a cave - if it is difficult to SEE it, try to FEEL it - imagine yourself touching the walls in the cave, feeling your feet on the ground, noticing the details. What do you smell, what do you hear, what do you taste? What other sensations do you obtain when imagining this? That which you do sense is the correct way regardless of how others do it. Visual skills will usually come on their own eventually the more you work with such practices.

What about diet? Are there products I should not be consuming?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19079034

Yes, but that would be to complex to start listing up. Generally eat natural foods, not processed or things with all kinds of chemical additives. The optimal would be to grow your own, or get food directly from an ecological farm.

Last question, when I consciously try to do good things and be productive with my life, I immediately watch my influence on actions of people, what they say, things I've thought/said that they do, numbers, behaviour of my pets, especially my Dog, etc. I also then feel like the more good I do, the more bad has to happen to equal out the positive deeds. Is it better to just say, "Screw it," and sit under a tree and meditate for the rest of my life where I take a more personal approach to my own well-being.
I find it scary when I, "get in my groove," so to speak as I feel like I am controlling a game and watching it unfold. Suddenly people become actors of my doing.

It is scary to watch how someone can be pulled out of a situation when they are hearing "positive" and possible life-changing information. I have literally seen people suddenly just say in the middle of the conversation, "I'm tired and going to sleep," and just like that put their head on their shoulder/couch and they're out. Or people coming to take people to other rooms, emergency phone calls they have to take, etc. It's beyond strange and I can't talk to people about it.

Thank you in advance for responding.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19079034

In a sense, you ARE controlling your own game, directing your own movie. This is a good thing to be aware of, as it gives you much more power and influence on getting things the way you really want. Read what I said about inner entities, outward projection, inner guide exercise etc, it relates to that. And to really get to understand how this works and how you direct your own experiences, read the book I recommended previously called the Inner Guide meditation by Edwin Steinbrecher - I posted links to it already. Its really the best on that particular subject and I am sure you will find it valuable.
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