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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle High Plains Jester
Post Content
Very well said. I must apologize for my tardiness to this thread, and also that due to my laziness I typically don't read everything that has been said (it is what it is,lol) however, if I may humbly interject some of my own ideas here, I would be most grateful.
I do not like seeing all this talk of "being imprisoned" and such. We are in no prison here. This is a part of the experience that it is to be a part of the All. We are the conscioussness explorers. The Marco Polo, and Christopher Columbus of the mind. It is our duty to take in information and relay it back to the Source. The Source then uses said information to make changes in the programming, furthering the advancement of the evolutionary process. Now, the beautiful thing about this, is that it is YOUR obligation to filter the information you are relaying. YOU are the one in charge of your own uniquely glorious universe. All this talk of the powers that be and the like is a load of absolute disgusting hogwash. Do you not realize that it is YOU who give them their power? Where your conscious thought goes, there also goes your energy, regardless of where it is you are directing it. If you are directing at a fear filled world, then that is exactly what you are building for yourself. You honestly have no one to blame but yourself at that point. The hardest step in this evolutionary chain is excepting responsibility for your own actions. The best advice I can give is to not give in to the fear filled mindset. Find that absolute space of tranquil peace within. Only from that space of nothing can something be built. Call it the womb of the mind. It's your world to do with as you like. After all, you created it

Bracing for impact lol
 Quoting: High Plains Jester

It is correct that technically it is "you" that give anyone else power over you. But, you are still LURED, TRICKED and DECEIVED into giving that power to them, so they can control you, and further increase their powers through YOU.

I have already explained how everything in your reality is a reflection of yourself - and told you how you can become aware of that, learn to understand it, and regain the control so you actually CAN be free the way you truly are.

You can call the world what you want, and the powers the be as you wish, in the end the truth remains that you are being deceived, manipulated and forced to work against your true self, regardless of those powers coming from "them" or "you" - you will have to work your way back to yourself in either case, to really be free, no one else can free you.
 Quoting: SolarSon

Once again, my apologies, as I said, I try not to read entire threads due to a lot of the mindless dribble that these threads seem to attract, as well as a good helping of my own laziness. But from the posts I have read from you, your message is one with a fear filled agenda. Going even as far as saying that the very rock we stand on, our beloved planet as something to keep us away from the Truth, that is a travesty sir. And one with the repertoire you have purported here, should know good and well that this is very untrue. Everything here, literally everything is made up of the truth, for there is nothing but the Truth. Yes, I will agree there are those that do use this Truth to further their own means, but these are sins they will pay for. Karma is unexcapable unless you have freed yourself from it. Do you not feel the back up? Yes, they have created a dam, but that dam is quickly losing its standing, and when it busts, they will be washed away with the tide they have long since denied us all. People need to find the Truth themselves, this is very true. But, they will. All of them. No one is to be left behind, because frankly, there is nowhere to be left. Experience grows exponentially. It cannot be negated or taken away from. So everyone will make it into their own right, but at the time their Higher Self deems necessary. Let me emphasise here that this is by no means an attack on you or your character, so please do not look at it that way. I just feel that perhaps you have just a little too much fear attach itself to you. I hold only the deepest respect for someone as learned as yourself, but feel it only right to stand where Truth tells me to
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