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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle stillhere
Post Content
SolarSun is an actor paid by Trinity to increase page views.

Page views are the currency of this site that translate directly into cash in his pocket. Keep that in mind when you come here to GLP, then engage your critical thinking.

This thread is full of BS, and all you have to do is take a minute to really ask yourself "is this for real?"

Try this, instead:
"Can you give yourself some approval? For no reason? Other than it is the smart thing to do? You can either choose to be negative and disapprove of yourself, or positive and approve of yourself. Which do you choose? Can you give yourself some more approval?"

Take a minute and really try to feel this. When you are able to feel this approval, ask yourself, Where does it come from? Then keep doing it...
 Quoting: TheDude99

No one pays me for coming here to do anything. If anyone makes a profit out of my posts, then good for them.

I am here by my own free will to share what I know with you, and try to assist you some in practical ways.

Whether you decided to give that a chance or not is up to you.
 Quoting: SolarSon


I wonder a lot about Universal Law-- and giving VS selling.

I believe when we cross a Universal Law-- as in break one or get trapped in one we feel it. (or I do)

I think a lot about giving--It is a great feeling to give and a bad feeling for me when a person negates that "giving" with a payment.

I feel that people are not wanting to be in "debt" and try to negate a gift with a payment.

Could you address this--Is there a cosmic law about giving and debt?

Are you building your cosmic credit score by giving here?
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