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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle birdbrain
Post Content
hey OP, thanks. When I get off to sleep I sometimes have the sensation that someone or thing or whatever, is lightly walking on the bed, feels like a cat or kitten lightly walking across my body whilst I'm trying to get off to sleep. I find this a little freaky and find I have to leave the light on to go to sleep. Any idea what this may be?
 Quoting: birdbrain 24825617

This is a normal sensation indicating a near-astral projection or sleep paralysis. This is a good sign, meaning that you probably will succeed fairly easily if you start experimenting with astral projection, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, meditation and related.

Usually the sensation you refer to is the effect of yourself noticing your own energy body and the movements within it. It is also produced as a sensation of the astral body slightly "hovering" or moving out of "synch" with the physical body. A light displacement between the two in a sense. People often have the same sensations and stronger during actual astral projection, whether self-induced or spontaneous, as well as different forms of Meditation, and also in usually more intense forms during a full blown sleep paralysis.

All of that is positive and I encourage you to try step further and explore it deeper, let yourself fly out into the rivers of Existence. Feel free to try some of the exercises and practices I have suggested so far through my posts, or any coming ones.
 Quoting: SolarSon

Thanks OP, for that positive feedback. I certainly will feel more free with it now. Thanks again and for your intuition and openness with all of us asking questions. God Bless.
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