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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I belong to a tiny tiny order who keep a few bits of the old knowledge. We are not-for-profit and not-for-influence, so you can imagine how tiny we are.

Our founder was the original *English* translator of the Emerald Tablets - left in Central America.

I am also acquainted with another earthly rendition of the old knowledge - from JP.

My question to you is: How does your knowledge reconcile the timeline and genetics of the humans as the Sitchin work contrasts to the fallen angel story?

To elaborate; if Sitchin's numbers are correct, human bodies were created about 400,000 years ago in order to mine gold for the soul suckers.

From what I am told, Atlantis sank 50,000 years ago.

So, were human souls imprisoned in hominid bodies before they were genetically altered to mine gold, or did the imprisonment start then - 400k years ago?

Also, WHAT is the significance of gold? It is quite obvious that humans were genetically engineered to want gold, but why?

Does this really tie in to Sitchin's work?
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