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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So after the calamity you speak of, there will be a positive age according to whom?

Hasn't the script been to starve us of love, keep us in negativity bandwidth, then use biased bait/lure love for a few ages of continued run-arounds in a passive aggressive flavor?

You say the pineal gland is part of the matrix structure, yet then you tell us how to link with the moon via our kundalini?

I don't trust the moon, nor mars, nor saturn, nor the earth, nor the sun.

The only version of organic in here, is replicated - so why should I worship or be attached to anything in here?

I have affinity for the storybook of the rose garden, but I'm sick of being stuck in the copied book rather than ever be amongst actual roses...

We are sure hardened in here, to be empathetic towards even our worst wardens, so when we're free its like we just got out of New York - we could make it there, so we can make it anywhere...

No footholds remain for the wardens, they can't use you after a while, you are too complex, non-participant in fear - bait/lure - you become like sludge in their matrix.

That is the key, you only have open arms offering love, and a disposition/awareness which is useless to them...

I've been banished from other realms for being an intruder, spiritually tortured because I refused to claim any except myself as my own master, I had Vatican themed deceptions occur - but I called them out to reveal their true form, and poof they're gone.

I think you are telling us what we already know, then kindly scooting us into an isolated paradigm with 10% of what you say - you may realize you do it or not.

But then again, we're all guilty of that by design at one point or another, lol...

Here's to getting out someday :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12566526

I hope I didn't upset you with my opinion, ultimately I am always thankful when people take the time to share their passionate truths...

I am maybe a bit jaded at this point, so I came off cutting unintentionally, my apologies...

I would like to hear your responses to me, even if they are simply condemnation for my extreme points of view - I can handle constructive criticism :)

I'd like to know your response to people who believe that the coming era of peace is part of the same control script, to use passive aggressive love and light to continue the control system with a different flavor.

To the idea that lucifer, sophia, yaldabaoth, gaia, the sun - are essentially links in the chain of the same archetypal deity of physical manifestation - and to send love and admiration to the sun and earth is to feed the illusion.

Remaining indifferent, while having empathy, and relative appreciation while acknowledging the entirety of this context, as to not fall deeper into the illusion - yet retaining contextual respect and empathy.

I have a strong distrust and frustration with secret societies, the symbolism muddles the ideas, which should be our birthrights, I'm not going to pretend I respect your privilege, but I do very much appreciate your taking the time to speak with us.

I feel all the secret societies, just like all religions, have been masterfully usurped, so followers end-up misdirecting people unintentionally...

I agree we deserve to travel freely, yet with what demeanor? Aware we are in an illusion and working with it as it is? Or glorifying the ways of the illusion and taking them upon yourself, thus becoming like the illusion?

Ideally, we should be able to travel freely within and beyond all existences, illusion or not, and work from our individual foundation, protection, respect protocols, dualist yet transcending duality, ect.

Life seems to lay out a fairly specific response to this whole predicament, which essentially matches what you teach, yet the dogma layers seem like more harm than good, and I still question just how much we should venerate and be like this form of self-consuming nature...

I do not want to be made into this image...

But I will take this image into consideration and have empathy for it, to be made into the image of the mediator of all essences - which includes and transcends all images.

What is your idea of the final goal? Or the indented outcome according to your societies?

Thank you :)
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