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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Who is Blue Fairy
Post Content
OP is re phrasing same old new age lies.

he is baisically saying all is one you are all connected blah blah blah. same old lies!

the truth? there is something outside the ONE/EVERYTHING that something is so different so opposite so uncomprehenceable, he can only exist outside the EVERYTHING that one is the G-d of the jew,s.
 Quoting: DPS

Please explain why judaism doesn't believe the Messiah has already been here. Thank you.
 Quoting: Bent

there are a few misconceptions about the jewish messiah.

first - there are two, ben david and ben yosef.

ben yosef is a strange figuire, not alot is known about him. it his is soul brother, the ben david who is the superman warrior king.

but you are only looking at the messiah in the simplistic way, there are many ways, much more deeper than plain reading to know the torah and tanach.

even before his actuall coming, there will be a conciousness shift which can be attributed to the messiah himself, this shift is a part of him, and not an outside deed of him. we are witnessing this shift right now.

its too much to explain now, but the bad guys or reps, cant create thier farm, or everything to that matter, in they way they want, they must follow a specific structure pattern, a pattern laid down by the G-d outside of the everthing. they cannot change the pattern. no1 can.
this pattern includes an israel in every level of it, as above so below, israel exists here, above us, and below us.

they hate israel, they hate the jew,s (we serve israel, not the other way around)

the workers of satans, make you thing jew,s intend for you to be our slaves. but that is a lie, the true future for jew,s is to be the teachers of torah and its code to gentiles, not slave masters.

the whole international community is working so hard, to destroy israel, and extinct the jew,s. they have failed so many times in the past. they know this, but they purposeley blind themselvs from truth
 Quoting: DPS

Whatcha going to do, DPS, when your Messiah finally comes and it's the same old Jesus Christ, back again??
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