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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Who is Blue Fairy
Post Content
OP, why are you ignoring me and my message.

why do you deny the G-d that is outside the everything?

why do deny all youre knowledge is from the torah code. why do you deny its impossible for gentiles, to fully understand this torah code?
 Quoting: DPS

Explain to me why the jews are "worthy" and why the "gentiles" are not.

And do a good job because I know it was created centuries ago as an "Us Against Them" motivating construct.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

i already explained this, jew,s are not 100% human in soul.

it was g-d that chosen abraham to father his, becuase dear old abby had that special something in his soul, to be inherited to all jew,s.

we jew,s dont see ourselvs as kings, or slave masters, only as teachers denied their students by satan.

it is not the torah, or israel that serves us, it is the other way around.

in hebrew we say, to be a jew, is to accept "OL MALCHUT SHAMAIM" that means the BURDEN of heaven's kingdom.

to be a teacher of a stubborn and un willing to learn students is truely a burden.

same as jonah
 Quoting: DPS

BTW, your own GOD told you over and over to quit complaining about "the burden of the Lord."
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