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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Who is Blue Fairy
Post Content
Solar Son:

1. SO, is our soul a large, liquid blue shimmering blob that stands up about our height but wider? And then pours itself into us through the top of our head?

2. Or a blue electric sparkling somewhat duplicate of our physical body, only smaller, see through, and with bones visible? That exists full length up and down in our current body, sometimes upside down?

Also, totally off subject, could you please put a picture icon under your user name so your posts are easier to find?

 Quoting: Who is Blue Fairy

Since you most likely are referring to the inner energy body constrained within the physical body rather than the actual soul (the Soul being outside of the body, somewhere not perceivable from here), you are somewhat correct.

This is however the astral body, more appropriately said. It is not the Soul, but rather the "spirit" of your current physical self, your individual experience. You also have other "spirit parts" in other bodies elsewhere, all connected to the same Soul.

Astral sight or "psychic vision" can let you see the actual energy body, or astral body, whatever term you want to use, that which I am calling "spirit" now in this context. The colors varies, and depends on many factors. The Aura that some people can see is the outer layer of this energy body, the "spirit". This form is usually eggshaped, and can be seen as bright white if only partial astral sight is active, in a sort of transparent ghostly form. It usually extends up a bit above the head - but not much, and is wider on the sides as you theorize. It moves in circular cyclic pattern, but this can also vary a bit depending on how well the persons energy system functions and how active his different energy centers, or chakras, are. Think of a torus shaped energy form, with its center part flowing in and out within the center of the body, in head and feet. Here is a good illustration of a torus shaped vortex form that is similar:
[link to www.light-weaver.com]

The above illustration is a general one I found just to show what a "torus" is for those who doesnt know, it is much wider than what it would be in a humans energy body. Nevertheless it is a good representation, imagine yourself in the center of it, with energy flowing in and out of the head and feet (top and bottom).

Will see if I can figure out how to select a image for my username as requested.
 Quoting: SolarSon

Yes, right, I have seen the bright white extension and it is nothing like the blue shimmering blob. The white extends on some people about an inch to a foot. White streamers from their fingers. On others, nothing.
On yet others, black streamers come from their fingers. Like wafts of smoke. So this is the energy field?

Why do some people have an effect on items in the room ten feet away? Like a series of popping and ticking of physical items traveling around the edges of the room. Do they have a huge energy field I am not seeing? Or are there entities following them around (which is what I suspect).

Or, are the spirits of the physical objects in the room somehow communicating to the person subliminally?
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