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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Rey Rogers
Post Content

Hola SolarSon,

A very interesting read - thank you.

I have a few serious questions:

1) Where are the boundaries of this physical universe that was created to contain us?
2) Will humans be allowed to explore this universe?
3) What is the true nature of the Moon and how is it used?
4) Is this physical universe accessible to other entities that are free like we once were?
4) Why is there a push to deny humans the usage of tobacco (smoking)?
5) Are there failsafe mechanisms in place so that humans that are not part of ancient orders do not gain too much power and influence here on Earth?
6) Are the Ancients the same as the Guardians? Like the wardens in a prison?
7) Do other mammals like dogs have a non-physical soul too?
8) If so, are those souls too being absorbed by the agressor?
9) Once a soul has "liberated" itself from the cycle - does this soul have the power to enter into different planes of reality - including the Earth plane? Could such a soul claim a body before birth?
10) How and who decides where a soul incarnates?
11) At what stage of the pregnacy does the incarnation occur?
12) What is the true significance and future of Israel?
13) Is there a special need or use for gold by the agressor?

Thanks in advance.

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