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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
I will be back soon to answer more questions, and tell more of the story I want to tell. I have a bit busy days so it may go a few days in between at times.

For now I want to quickly address the Cannabis / Marihuana issue since so many people mention this.

Myself I am more than familiar with this substance, and I actually was a user myself for almost 10 years before I discovered the darker truths behind it.

There is actually a "conspiracy behind the conspiracy theory" on this substance. And it is very cleverly orchestrated. It IS true that Cannabis can be helpful against different physical illnesses. That includes some of the worst, such as cancer.

However, just because it is good for something does not make it good for everything. The whole reason it is so widely available, on black market, is because that is the way they get more people to use it of the ones that are "against" them.

If that makes any sense. It has to do with Humankinds rebellious nature, being against "authorities" and so on. So they have set you up. To make you think you are a "good spiritual warrior" and "rebellion of truth" by using it against the law and against their apparent "will".

But YOU are the one getting set up, shot in your own foot if you will. They KNOW marijuana is being widely popularized - thanks to them selves, and that IS the plan. They WANT it to be integrated into society, since they KNOW of the negative spiritual and mental affects it has.

It WILL open your mind up for more easy mind control through different means, including spiritual attacks & psychic influence. It will also give you a FALSE spiritual experience where you are mislead to believe you are "spiritually advanced" when the opposite is true.

As said, I myself was a user of Marijuana myself for almost a decade. And I highly advocated it and was in on the same deceit and lies myself, until I got higher up in my ranks and was let in on the secret behind it, and had good friends within the system that recommended me to stop using it. They were very enthusiastic about telling me how the world is fooled this way - not only by cannabis for that matter, a lot of "reverse conspiracies" exists in many forms.

As I said in my introduction, NOTHING is the way you think it is and you are all being deceived. That includes the lot of you in the "conspiracy community" who think you have figured things out.

Will be back as soon as time allows to answer other questions.
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