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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Can you really though?

I mean, we get mind-wiped and recycled with nothing left of what we may have achieved in our earlier life. So much for "working for our improvement"!

Besides, you said yourself this world is not a "school" set up for our growth, it' a prison that strips our growth away. And now you say the opposite, we should work to improve ourselves over many incarnations. If that really worked, we'd be out of this shit by now!

Perhaps I'm just not understanding your position correctly, but it makes no sense to improve our abilities if they will get erased anyway.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

Yes, you really can, and no, Earth is NOT a school. That doesnt mean you can turn it into schooling through - but it doesnt exist as its purpose being a school. Compare it to a normal prison here on Earth - a prison is meant to keep the inmates imprisoned - yet they can chose to spend their time there for something useful, such as learning more about themselves and their abilities, some even manages to find ways to break out and escape. Obviously, the latter was not the reason for the prison to exist, yet it still can be done, and is done. The difference is that the prisoners here are mostly "guilty", while we, in the larger scale on Earth, are innocent. Again comparing it with the Nazi concentration camps would be more appropriate, rather than a prison for actual criminals.

You must learn how to MAINTAIN your Consciousness, your Awareness and Memories as your life fades into Death. That is the secret! You must not leg go of your own individuality, you must not be letting yourself into a slumber. Be alert, and keep your alertness with you as you go. It does take practice, and for most lifetimes, but it can be done and is done..

I happen to believe the part I bolded above is just another level of the control construct. If you reach a certain level of skill and get too close to freeing yourself, they sucker you into a guilt trip for the poor sods you would leave behind, and entrap you in the manager/helper class (the secret societies).

You then think you are working towards freeing everyone, while you are really just keeping yourself busy and ensnared in the construct.

If you think about it carefully, doesn't this explanation of why they allow the secret societies to exist make a whole lot of sense?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

Some "prophets" and "gurus" are indeed mind control victims in the sense you speak of, and believe in false realities as the "truth". In my own case, I dont consider me either such, and my experiences have been decided upon by myself from lifetime to lifetime for some period of time now, with the ability to maintain my consciousness and memories from each. I did not simply "fly out" and then back, I spent considerable time "out" in my higher form, learning more about the whole system of deceit on the lower Sphers where we are "now", and how I could be able to return here safely without risking the same problems as most of us have had from life time to life time. Nor did I do it alone, we are many here already, wanting to bring our brothers and sisters out of the vast suffering and deceit that have been forced upon them. Some of you are "me" - thus it is also crucial for myself to free other parts of "me" to properly experience the "totality". It is a topic of immense complexities to explain and I dont have time to go into much details on that right now but I probably will later.

Nor do they "allow" the secret societies, in fact they are trying to destroy them. It is not for no reason the Vatican banned secret orders and Freemasonry. Then they infiltrated them and now let them go on to some degree, while they have their own opposite secret orders of negative energies operating in their own control.

The force of good is here, and will always be here, trying to work towards freedom and justice for all. But we can not enforce it like the "negative" side does, we do not use hate or violence, we can only let people take care of their own lives from their own choice - all we can do is give them that choice.
 Quoting: SolarSon

Despite seeing things a different way in some parts, based on my own experiences, veil lifting and also based on actual conscious awareness of coming in for a purpose from quite a young age, and providence all my life.

But despite things I know are different than some of what you've been shown, its not like its not impossible to be true that some where tricked into coming, or that some are dragged kicking and screaming here, like Sleeper/Lou Baldin alludes to, for we're in infinity, all infinite parts of infinity, and there are infinite journeys as well. Some of it was a downgrade, that seemed to be forced on many.

Still you have so much information that is freeing, this inner journey is really really important and all conscious beings would do this the moment they started realizing this system is corrupt, they'd be searching inside. Lack of searching signifies a problem, too much programming, or something blocking the person.

I'm really enjoying this thread, so please don't take when I speak up with what I know that I'm being critical. Your message is important.

I had a glitch in my libre office program today, that was synchronicity. I had a few days ago, tried taking notes on your previous passage with the meditation, I think its page 8. And it got really hectic, rushing around, couldn't continue reading.

Today I reopened this thread and reopened libre office, after restarting computer many times since then, to take notes on that passage, and it was up, some of the notes already there as if "someone" was one step ahead of me.

Anyway, the part I've quoted, I do see a little different. In fact, there was contact involved.

I'm going ask your opinion on this part: Overworked and unable to reach my goals, and have some fairly good ones set for the boys, who are getting to the right age to start to become more hero's in housework, and so we can get a business or two going for them, my health isn't great. And I've had a huge wake up and inner push for a number of years. So when Im worn right out slaving for the family, ie. washing dishes and cooking for 8 people, then wake up with my leg and wrist sprained and unable to do this, so the goals start to fade and aslo why, why why am I shown things, when Ideas Can't Get Lifted Off The Ground in this situation. And there is not a chance on earth I would ever walk away from my family, and even helping others out like I am doing, we have youth also living here as well.

But I had contact. I've always been shown the layers, the 2d realm, almost like a page or coloring book. And that we progress, its almost seemless. I've many vistas beyond earth.

What I was told directly was that I would be boosted for the work here, but, that while it was very important to set goals and think positive thoughts, seek joy, humor, have good visions for the future, not allow ourselves to be hijacked. That the real purpose for earth was not the realm where we enjoy good lives. It's where we set sail for the upgraded and abundant goals and work that lies ahead and infinity of adventures, teaching, growing, learning, loving, missions even, what our heart and goals are.

And that we had to be reaching for growing up, because there are beehive things too.

Here, most can never be empowered, or free. Furthermore, activating self while immature is not a wise thing. However, there are upgraded, or better systems to what most are in here, that are still not free, they're like beehives or splinter groups, and that we need to have a lot of discernment, and not fall for traps, but set the sail to goals and freedom and maturity, being able to choose, not be inserted, our steps.

I had quite a download. The woman was one of my frequent contacts, tall blond, shoulder length hair, blue uniform and family.

Earth is about: sorting. Its a sorting ground, for streaming souls.

Freewill isn't what we think.

Our leaders for example, and the mismanagers/elite here, think they are off the hook, and try to not get their own hands dirty, without realizing what this is: The Testing Ground is About Separation, Not Unity. Weeds and Tares in the traditional. Cheaters don't prosper and those who dig a pit for others, will fall in their own pits.

But what is going to happen is something else. Just as they believe they freely get to be dark side, and are addicted to Power, and their free will right to this.

The multiverse is not like that. Bullies will not be lording it over those trying to grow their consciousness, cloning themselves and extending their own lives ever onwards to dominate this planet/school/prison, testing grounds, whatever you want to call it.

I've been shown visions of the cosmic arrest and being on the team of arresters they're cosmic. And never understood, how, what, where, when, I do get why. It always feels like its NOW, current.

But, is it in this life time, is it in the future, by our standard of that, is it in body, is it in astral. No details, just is real and Now.

So my friend spoke up because he was shown that half the seals have been broken by the elite mismanagers, the hellgates, or lower ones, here.

He told me that they intend to flood in Hell or Darkness, and when he said that this mornign, that message I had gotten, yet again, about the bullies being rounded up, made sense.

TSHTF isn't about earthquakes, its not about dying, or passing on to life, for that is just a continual journey. When the true SHTF, dark side plans start to occur, this hijacked shcool is going to find out that it already has owners, and the souls here don't belong to them, but are FREE. The prime directive is to free this planet. They're going to find out what Free Will really was about here, division, streaming the grades, separating those for advancement, and those who need to be put into solitary, away from others for a while.

With greater abilities comes greater responsibility.

This is a hijacked realm, not a creation of Dark Side and it has real Creators, and all souls are meant to Progress, there are no slaves.

Those who wish to enslave are going to be rounded up.

And the possibility that the Dark side, (metaphor), may have created or condensed a layer on reality to forge this slave pen, is real, but again they're not given that right over real estate or souls. They are not the architects of the Heavens/Schools/Universes, and will be dealt with. Some of us seem to be here waiting for something to occur and for that.
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