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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
So that makes you Reptilian?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 820520

Since the world was created to entrap Humans, they also needed someone to guard it and be directly involved here to keep it functional. Thus, other "Reptilians" were also incarnated in "Human" bodies on Earth. The Human body would thus in turn take on characteristics from the Reptilian host, programmed into the cellular memory & DNA, and when Reptilians started to breed with Humans, new hybrids were born, that are a mix of Reptilians and Humans.

The Reptilians, in general, were put into places of Power in Mankinds society, while the Humans were put into places of Serving, or Slavery.

However, that DID change to some degree, because of Humans managing to take over certain areas, or infiltrate back in the Reptilians domains, and also thanks to the hybrid race, which offspring often assists the Human race towards rebellion against the pure Reptilian race.

Physically speaking, there is no difference between either of the 3 races - and in fact there are several other races involved on Earth as of this moment too, and other entities and beings have also influenced and controlled the Human race through all the time that has passed since the very first physical incarnations.

But, the physical Human body is always "Human" regardless of the "Controller" of the Body. The stories about Reptilian shapeshifters are based on misconceptions and people who do not understand what is really going on. There are no such things as "shapeshifters" in the physical sense of the word. ALL non-human entities that impose as "Humans" do so spiritually, meaning that they have a Human Body just like you and anyone else. The only difference is the inner self, the spirit inhabitating the body.

The reason there exist stories about "Shapeshifters" is simply because certain people have a more active spirit-vision or "astral sight", meaning they are "psychic" and can see the true form of such beings - and not knowing that what they really see is spiritual in nature, they misinterpret their experience as seeing a Human transform into a Reptilian, when in reality they saw the Human body, and the Reptilian inside it.
 Quoting: SolarSon

Wait, this is confusing. Spirit, Body. Why would a reptilian spirit affect a human body, or inhabit one, if there wasn't physical races, or the semi physical races, of actual reptilians. Why would it have that spirit form to begin with?

I've had encounters with reptilians and felines here as well. Physical enough to manifest as these fast moving shadows that lept out when close, and a light appeared making outline jump out. 3 of us saw this. Very tall, maybe 9 feet. Also insight, telepathic communication. That I pulled away from. Not to mention sensing them. And the dragons/snakes in the sky, what are they then? I've had some weird monitoring.

Now, from what I understand there are many different reptilian physical by our ideas, though not necessarily our channel 98.5 FM, but close enough, and others.

We're not the only body suit, though I agree we are one of the common ones.

I'm also someone who can see the form in the person, or the morphing.

And in pictures, such as the House Of Windsor, certain photos, (which by the way are extremely interactive and not exactly what we think, photos are a lot more gateway than what we think). But I've been hit with the negative energy from what I call a Draco and nearly knocked out of my chair.

Also, at the school, waiting for an Learning Assistant Meeting with my son who has apraxia. I felt this intense danger behind me, and literally felt I was on Guard Duty, To Protect the Children. The danger was coming from behind me, and I turn around and its the picture of Queen Elizabeth on the wall.

From what I understand, reptilian is both a real body suit, and a spiritual expression of predator, or dog eat dog, elitist. STS not STO.
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