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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Esoteric Morgan
Post Content
Natural Law is real.

Everything else will lead you into your imagination.

That is what Religion does.

It keeps you in your imagination.

And that is why the Rothschilds allow sites like this.

Because it keeps the masses in their imaginations.

And we are required to be honest in plain site, to give you the opportunity to find the truth on your own.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

There are no Laws. There are only Virtues. Thou Shalt not Harm, Thou Shalt not Rape, Murder, or Enslave......!!!!!

There are consequences but, Higher Ups determine that, mainly your own Soul.

Anyone with Love that is ready to learn or be helped IS! Forgiveness too! Though perfect knowledge is the hard one, and again, our Souls are very tough on us. Spirit/Ray of Thought has to be alligned to the Frequency of Love of the Mind/Soul it is a part of to return.

The physical realm laws are irrelevent to me. There is No Spoon.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

Ah, but, there ARE forks.

I think both of you have made points that could be considered from a different perspective.

They both affect free will, about the choices one makes. About being as conscious as we can be of the forces within and surrounding us, and, learning to use them to our advantage.

This is how I think this 'spoon' meme shows there ARE LAWS. It's up to us to find a way to align ourselves to them, so we can slip into (their) reality.

If we choose paths with little care as to where they might lead us, we simply exist as is; then all we are discussing has no consideration.

But, as we gain awareness, I think imagination has a very important role to play, as long as we continue to move forward, in ways it will not trap us. We might get stuck for a while, but, only until we advance.

Likewise, the physical realm laws also play an important role.

Think of it as a progression. In order to be part of something, we must understand its parameters, and how we might fit it. We must understand what is hindering our progress, why we are not seeing it work. We use reasoning to analyse where we are, against where we want to be.

With imagination, we get to analyse what the correct balance might be. Hit and miss, we can get there.

If we are being blocked in attaining this balance, we MUST consider how the physical realm laws are in play. Even SolarSon has noted that certain substances can hinder us. If our lifestyle is not healthy, we cannot use our energy to our full advantage. If our energy is being compromised, we must consider how to balance it.

This consideration is imagination, for it helps us to realize why we are stumbling. It also helps us KNOW which fork to choose. All of our preparation will be futile if we follow the wrong path in the end. What works for one person does naught for another.

Once we get everything in balance, by imagining a better way, by using the laws of the physical realm to attain our correct balance, only then do we move forward without resistance.

Every thing we manage to imagine need not imprison us.

So, there are Laws. Virtue is all about morality. Some schools of thought consider Natural Law in aspects of moral behavior, yet, Natural Law, without the interference of philosophical interpretation, really is nothing other than the balance of our physical realm.

It is the energy of the world around us, the actions and reactions of the frequencies of everything around us: the classical elements of earth, wind, fire, air, metal, water, wood, and, the aether. And, for the purposes of human considerations, how they all affect us.

Sungaze_At_Dawn, I mean no disrespect, but, considering the MAIN POINT of SolarSon's thread, I do not think that Love is all that matters here.

It is about freeing one's self of the conditioned effects of those forces that keep our souls from advancing.

While LOVE is inherently important in life, we have the ability to break the cycle of corporeal life in death. This does not come naturally, it must be attained through our own efforts.

At least, that's my understanding of this thread.
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