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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

This security hole, is your so called Third Eye. In contrast to what your mainstream New Age movement teaches, the Third Eye is part of the Control mechanism to keep you here. It is through the Third Eye mind control is performed, delivering outside programming to your inner worlds, your psyche.

It was inbuilt on purpose in the Human-Energetic body, which contains what you call Chakras, along with its connection to the Pineal Gland in the physical body, to serve as a remotely controlled entrance point for feeding you thought-patterns and induce altered states in your psychology.

However, this can be used against its purpose, since you can actually go towards the flow, and let yourself pass out through the crack that must always be there for a physical human being to function. It is a security hole that can never be completely closed. Connection with the Soul can never be truly cut. That would render the Human body useless and lifeless. It is the Soul that animates the Body, but the Body is not expressing its Soul, but a mashed up cooking pot of ideas, thoughts and mental programming that the Mind of the Human host is filled with.
 Quoting: SolarSon

OP, last night my pineal gland "popped" so to speak. It was a loud, audible popping/cracking noise that originated from right in the center of my head towards the top of my skull.

When it happened, I suddenly felt an intense warmth/tingling pressure in that area that persisted for the next few hours until I eventually fell asleep. I also got a huge rush of energy and became instantly alert and focused. My back/body felt as if it realigned itself and popped everything back into place with very little effort or will on my part. Overall it felt pretty amazing.

How does this relate to your quoted text above? I know I've read that this may mean that one's pineal gland is "activating", but after looking for some material I haven't found anything conclusive.

Also, at the time I was smoking marijuana with a couple of friends. I was just chillin, practicing pre meditation breathing techniques/visualizations in my mind. I would smoke and feel rushes of warm energy to my head at times that would leave me feeling euphoric/lightheaded.

In total it was 2 grams between 3 of us. I am an everyday smoker. This particular session I was pretty stoned. Up until I felt the "pop", I was super tired due to smoking + lack of sleep, and it was a task to walk or keep my balance. Also, these effects disappeared once I got my energy rush.

I mention this info after reading your previous posts on marijuana use, but I can't help but think it's all related.
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