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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
I have personally visited some of the planets and its truly an experience that will stick with you - and make you understand how much you still have to discover. And that is in the physical universe alone, so countless amounts of worlds to see - then after comes all the other layers of existence, astral plane, and wonders. You have a great journey ahead of you.
 Quoting: SolarSon

Can you tell me what is or what was on Mars long ago? I am of the belief that there once was a civilization on Mars that was wiped out. I also think they were very evil people and may have been the fallen angels or the Annunaki.

I also think NASA is hiding the vast number of ruins and monuments on Mars that make the pyramids on earth look like tinker toys.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24885194

Mars is very important in our history, since people of Earth have a direct lineage to people of Mars, its where Humans came from when populating Earth and mixing with other planetary races both from here and elsewhere.

The currently ongoing Mars Rovers mission is just a sham to keep you blinded from the real truth, presenting you with "interesting" bits here and there to keep you busy.

People are already traveling back and forth between Earth and Mars, and there is an ongoing collaboration between the Elite of the Earth, and Elite of Mars. Among other things, exchange of technology and resources. Earth is helping rebuilding and terraforming Mars.

The technology used is advanced and they travel directly without space crafts using teleportation or quantum portals. This is an interesting topic on its own, since teleportation is a naturally occurring phenomena. Ancients were even "using" teleportation to travel around, at least their highest leaders and elite of those days. Teleportation today is done through a combination of the natural sources for such along with technology to fine-tune it and control it properly.

Many important monuments and structures are built upon places on Earth where the natural sources, a form of energetic vortex, are found. Some call these spots for "grid points" and "ley lines" in alternative resources. These spots were favored in ancient days for their mystical properties, allowing strong and transforming spiritual experiences, which is why they usually built temples and holy places on such spots. Today, the elite are still constructing on such spots both for occult purposes and other practical uses, such as mentioned teleportation as well as time travel purposes.

Mars is also a representation of Atlantis, and the first real physical version of the whole Atlantis tale. As I mentioned earlier, mankind lives in a "loop" and are still reliving their ancient mistakes, and you also have an Earthly representation of Atlantis, its rise and fall, mimicing that of more ancient Mars.

Ancient structures on Earth are also architecturally designed in similar ways as those on Mars and elsewhere, and often also with patterns "pointing" at the real origins of Mankind, including other planets. You will probably find the material on this website fascinating in that regard: [link to thehiddenrecords.com]

The guy behind that site is spot on in his research, and in fact many members of my own orders and other secret societies attend in secret at his lectures.
 Quoting: SolarSon

Yes those memories are ones I have. And of a longer journey from Lyra.

But we came in for a reason this time. I was told as a child I chose to be here and didn't have to. That was a bigger me talking to a little me, but had no concepts at the time, except that at the time, preschool age, had watched vietnam on the news and napalm on children, and was so shocked that I sat trying to picture how many generations of people back to back extended into history, and then said, What????? So Kids have to change the world! They still don't get it!

You spoke of family being here for some reason, it didn't sound positive, it was apart of the trap.

Family is why most of us are here, for we try to reach family.

I understand and have debated with many mystery school who believe in a duality, or ALL GOD.

But its not truly like that. First of all Infinity is something that needs to be contemplated, and in fact, science itself should be based on deep thought/studies on infinity. For there is no measurement possible. There is NO ONE. There is ONE-1111111111111111111111111................'s. The Spirit between us, that is Peace and Love is about possibly what we think of as God, or the Holy Spirit.

There are grades and levels, like infinite sheets of paper, and gravity is harm. The playpen is something confined to lower levels, and so there are levels above us with duality.

But then that ends, and there is no longer any duality. Only Goodness and Love, when we reach those levels.

The Family of Love and Goodness are the Higher Ups and the True Creators/Designers. They are Beyond. To infinity and Beyond. Home! There is no place like home!

Actually we don't even truly leave our home. For while we are stuck walking "time" sort of, where there is NO TIME, the Whole Holistic Infinite Being that is US, our Soul, individual Souls at that, not One, for if you join as One you are Finite, and thus what has begun has ended, INFINITY...... forever.....never joins. We are united, but we are as unique as snowflakes. Individual Rays. Doing it "our way", growing up past the ability to harm anyone. And we sort of are in a dream lab.
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