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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
 Quoting: SolarSon 8464961

Exactly what are you doing here? I come from a generational LHP family and we were always taught that Humanity, in general, was created by the "false one" that is currently seen by christianity as the god of the universe. We were also taught that "we" are from a different genetic seed that is separate than the rest of humanity.

We were taught that "evil" is subjective. In our doctrine, Lucifer is equal to the 'god' of the Bible but he was ostracized for trying to enlighten a lower life form. Lucifer, aka,(Prometheus) was removed from his position in the spiritual hierarchy.

This action by Lucifer raised a very important UNIVERSAL question... Should lower physical life forms be ALLOWED the knowledge of spiritual ascension...or was humanity created as the proverbial "play-thing" for the more advanced, spiritual entities in the hierarchy simply because of their organic base.

Our separate genetic line was placed here to settle that question. Christianity's "davidic" line is the opposition.
 Quoting: Mr. Wilder 24521357

He talks about that later in his post. This is pretty common knowledge. Even among the un-initiated. Lucifer is too good of a name for someone "evil". Light Bearer.
 Quoting: Revguard

I'm aware, sir. Unlike the OP, I wouldn't dare share any real knowledge to the profane.... I value my life and sanity. If the OP thinks he can share any real Arcanum without consequences then he's either delusional, or just another Internet/youtube knowledge kiddie. "light bearer", arent you comical.

Complex disinfo he's pushing though. He's juuuust skirting behind the line...but he/she knows this. Those "inner-entities are always peeking around. His initiation guaranteed this intrusion on one side of the mirror or the other...
 Quoting: Mr. Wilder 24521357

If you truly believe this, YOU ARE ONE OF THE BULLIES, and your position should have been helper, teacher of the way, not parent to the children, but more teen sitter, you would be showing the way, demonstrating something the FAMILY ABOVE always show, EQUALITY, MERCY, KINDNESS, HUMILITY, and you would be equalizing, teaching, helping.

But since you have chosen to not follow the Soulstone and Love in your heart, and not listen to the Voice of Love, but follow something else and worked against the progression of the students, and mistreat them, there is going to be the Cosmic Arrest Team, at the time appointed. The school is being taken away, and progressed to something far better.
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