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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
SolorSon What you are saying regarding all these rituals and other stuff is spiritual perversion. God does exist and he does have a form your in his form. One question. What if everything that you think you know is a spiritual deception?
The reason why I ask is are going into topics no different than Alyster Crowley who was a proclaimed satanist. Also various of the rituals that you use are from King Salomon who in his words said these teachings are for the glory of God. I have had so many experiences with the spiritual that to me is natural not supernatural anymore. God created a veil in humanity in order for us not go into the spiritual realm for a reason and that was spiritual deception. Yeshua was not just a man I seen and experienced who he is. He is forgiveness and love. But what you say about astral projection and rituals and magic is spiritual perversion. I believe that the one who has been mislead is you. You speak about reincarnation but what is really happening are familiar spirits giving you and putting those thaughts in your head for you to believe that you have had many lives and are reincarnated. Brother/Sister you have got yourself involved with something that you are being mislead and at the same time misleading. People are hungry for answers and understanding in spiritual arena, you have some but as it was in the days of old regarding the serpent (or reptilian) as they call them these days. This being told half truth and half lies. Now to you this may be truth. But there is only one truth and many lies. Yeshua (Jesus is the truth the way and life) everything else friend is death. I speak not out of reading scripture but out of my experiences directly with him. Not religious crap nor catholicism but personal relationship with the lord. He is my father the great I am. Yes you don't truly know oneself until you realise you are the image of the creator of all that exists. Father, Yeshua, And spirit of the lord the Holy Spirit is the only way one can have peace in this life and the one to come. Spiritual life. If you think you have found another way than good luck with that you will find out the hardway later on.
 Quoting: nelusmc 6875630

Yes, only one truth ... and that is that each person must find their own truth. Your truth is not my truth and vice versa. As soon as the world understands this, there will be no more wars, no more hate, no more my-God-is-better-than-your-God.

As SolarSon said so eloquently: You walk your own path - and you build your path as you walk it!
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