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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
To begin with, and I know that I have to be true to my experiences and my own lifelong memories, for I'm kind of on assignment (cosmic) or like in Dolores Cannon's books, I answer the distress call, but it's also about our family here and reaching some trapped in endless testing ground, so that the various honorable, benevolent mystery school practictioners all seem to have distortions and various forms of Law of One, whereas this isn't true, when you in meditation connect to the ALL mind, that is your Infinite Higher Self, but there are Infinite Higher Selves, or All's, everyone is an infinite part of infinity and unique, and it's really a system of infinite progression. With a cutoff point to the duality. And to allow someone to cast Mom/Dad in the role of Smiter or Tough Love, or to cast them in the role of Duality, half lover of power, half power of love, is to bear FALSE TESTIMONY. So I do speak up. Because I know from whence I came and where I go.(I'm well aware of the opposite polarity as well in mystery school practitioners!)

But I've been looking into a few things, because some of it, along with some of the ancient wisdom, which is buried in The Taoist Alchemy, (and this link to Egypt, Sumar, Atlantis, but in reality in its wisdom of Sophia, Mother, Matrix/Womb, Equality and Love to graduate, this is previous cycles, millions of years ago, Lemuria/Mu, and past civilizations that peopled the solar system and was known as The Equality! The natives continued to practice various forms of a moneyless resource society for eons, before Europe domination ended that here). The Tao is what Christ practiced (ie the precious pearl is your Light Body formation, and the inner world is the REAL WORLD.) The outer is the mirror.

How to Turn a Sphere Inside Out

Also, I have spent a couple hours trying to decide if you're a wolf in sheeps clothing.

The information on smoking tobacco, even the toxic waste kind is OK, spiritually, but cannibis is a trap, is so erroneous that it either means you allowed them to pull the wool over your eyes, or you are deliberately encouraging the harmful, and lying about the beneficial.

Tobacco, is not good, its not a mortal sin, but its harmful to you and others, and striving to overcome it is Good Positive Intent and Action.

Cannibis is Given By Higher Ups as powerful medicine and Shamanism.

As to someone hijacking your pineal. Not possible, if, and this is important, IF YOU'RE DOING THE RIGHT THING.

Its a phone line, what number do you dial when you open your third eye? It's a frequency match. Hence, there are no shortcuts to awakening. Just being a ruthless dictator and taking shaman drugs, and then saying I AM CHRIST, means you will be in communication with a frequency match or a Bigger Bully than you are.

Hence you can't avoid the heart and throat (ministry or STO) chakra. To renounce and see through the world and stop being selfish.

Then your frequency match will be OK. ET Phone home.

Sungazing too! Huge metaphysical boost, but also, ET phone home!

Have Faith in Love and Goodness, your heart already knows, your soul will wake and remember more, seek within for the answers are there.
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