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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Also the information on ET's and Reptilians is simply NOT TRUE.

Thread: My meeting with ET
This IS true and we're going to need to stand up firmly. We can't fight, if annanuki, or the return of Quetzcoatl occurs, but don't cave in. They can only harm your body suit. Be Love and tell them to make U-Turns, period. Like I do.


They are the Elohim of the old testament.

I've downloaded this book and its very good.

Notes from this video:

To begin with Ruach is the word for God's Spirit in the translations in Genesis, but in reality, its a Sumar Word, and it means that something that causes wind on water, and they have a picture, its a craft.

So he says this:

If you read last editions of the “Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis”, published by the “:Liberia Editrice Vatican” where they insert the latin neologisms, you'll find that the Vatican inserted “navis sideralis”, which means “starship” They inserted “areia navis”, thus “airship”, they inserted “aireus viator”, that is “astronaut” and they inserted an acronym, “R.I.V” which means: res inexplicatae volantes”, that is UFO's.

Psalm 82. Elohim, AKA annanuki, AKA from cosmos, may live longer than we do, but this pslam (its even better and more clear in the literal translation) is about the Head Elohim, ie Captain Kirk, telling the crew, of differing polarities I take it, because Annanuki history is complex, the Humans there were also with the pleidians and other systems a part of The Equality, but some bad cloning with them and reptiles took place, creating a race of warriors who lacked empathy, and they were chased off this planet eventually.

So the head hauncho told the others, You too are just as mortal as the Adams! (literal translation, we are the Adams), and reminded them, they answered to the Higher Realms/Power/God/Goodness too (and it wasn't him or he would have said, you answer to me). So he said NOT TO PROMOTE CORRUPTION AND HELP THOSE IN NEED SUCH AS WIDOWS AND ORPHANS.


OH, the passages in the bible relating to cloudships, the base on Mount Sion, and even cigar shaped crafts. (zecharia 5) That odd flying scroll. Well in literal translation it also means CYLINDER, isn't it odd how they lie to us?

He is credentialled. If you log into: [link to www.worldcat.org]

Log in and use the search term Biglino. His works are in the US libraries. Yale has a collection of them and its not something a lesser scholar could do.

Nothing to do with Sitchin but only acadameia is allowed:

Giovanni Pettinato!

Anyway there are definitely real annnauki some are tall humans, some Royal Zeta Retticuli and some are Reptilian Hybrids.

THey are most literal in carnate form and actual preferred charred meat to the offer of vegetables.

In space your skin sluffs off and burns, hence a comfortable smell to real cosmonauts.

OH, and did these races come from deep space at that time? Or, in the past cycles, of people who were formed by the cosmic races, did we actually have CLONING and ANIMAL HUMAN CLONES LIKE REPTILIANS MADE BY THE NEGATIVE SCIENTISTS OF ATLANTIS SAY? OR JUST PREVIOUS TO THAT TIME, WHEN THEY TOOK OVER THE SCHOOL IN THE DAYS OF MU AND MARS?

So our ETs could be past negative and positive human cycles before the GREAT FALL, the actual drama that led to it, by Earthlings.

So much to consider.

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