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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Chakra system. It's a metaphor.

Its tied into Saturn's Rings, or bindings.

Its basically the way they have us by the short and curlies.

We have to break the seals wide open.

How, there are basic levels of behavior required to pass out of this brutal realm of murder incorporated and warfare, starvation.

you don't have to meditate on chakra's to break the seals wide open. A person anywhere in the world, and in any religion even who was using discernment and not obeying bad orders from priests or IMANs and who only looked at the lovign passages, and actually used their own inner authority, guidance and soulstone to only take the WHite Squares in anything, just a good loving person in general, who is constantly studying any harm they do, any failures or lack of love and patience with others, and always trying to correct, and doing there best, will BREAK ALL THOSE SEALS OPEN without meditating one bit.

But you can meditate on them.

Here are the seals or the list of lessons here. First look at the world, see the horrible inequality, slavery and oppression, look at the homeless, the corrupt corporation and jobs, having to pay for land on your own planet, ie forced slavery, forcing anything to survive, when its natural to plant and grow and build a home and evil to make slaves pay rent. Look at the wars, the homeless, the disease for profit.

The overflowing prisons.

And you kind of realize what the lessons of this realm are:

So the Chakras and seals are these. but note, there is a Lower frequency route of looking at them, and its a trap, and a higher one. Seek the high road.

1. Base Chakra survival. Energy. Health. Vitality. Does this mean that the elitists are correct in putting down those who are disabled and assuming they have bad karma? NO!

God/Goodness surprisingly enough, choose the weak over the strong, and the hardships are often the path of kings.

What this means is, if it is in your ability to do so, Protect and Honor the REAL CHURCH/TEMPLE, your body. And respect and honor, the health and bodies of everyone around you. Knock on them and there is God/Goodness. You dishonor FAMILY and GOODNESS/GOD, when you harm anyone or deprive anyone of their health!

2. Sexuality. Well. Don't harm others, don't be greedy, selfish out of control. There is a loving giving way to connect to your loves, and a selfish way. Give to others, don't control, love/honor others. This isn't about ownership and marriage. Its about good dealings with people. Also, you can flow this energy as well.

3. Your Free Will, your Structure/discipline work and survival, your Knowing and also your CHI, relates to the Gallbladder and Kidney's Liver meridians and in the Higher Road its not about working structured slave and sovereignity and judging those who are poor.

ITs actually about, seeking within to get on your Soul Path and why you're here.

4. Unconditional Love. If you've done this right you've avoided the traps of blaming the poor and are compassionating everyone and resolved for Equality, and you've taking the Heart Path All Along On ALL the seals.

5. Throat Chakra. Essential. Most Important of ALL. This should flow out of the HEART. Doing The Work You Came To Do, STO, Using Your Talents to Serve Others.

6. That opens your third eye on the right frequency.

7. And you phone home and meet God in your pineal and shine your light in, your greater soul. You could even become superman in the system and become your Greater Soul Orb or Higher Self and be ready to Step out of all the higher realms of this universe, out of the OCEAN, and GO HOME FOR REAL.
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