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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Coild you repost the link fpr the torrage.com page for the monroe gateway series, please? The current link just goes to the main webpage and they dont allow search...you have to have the web address.

Thank you!

SoS, can you give me some advice.

I have had 2 OBE experiences. But I have not been able to recreate them now.

The first one was so amazing and enlightening. Right up until the fact taht I looked down and realized I was neither male nor female. I should not of been surprised by that fact, but it threw me back into my body. Was an amazing experience.

The second one was short, and I did not get more than 2 feet from my body.

Any reading/books on how better to achive lucid dreaming/obe/astral travel?

 Quoting: Revguard

Get the book "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce, have some of the best public exercises of all material you can find. Its available on amazon [link to www.amazon.com]

In addition, get "The Gateway Experience" audio course by the Monroe Institute. The best audio lessons you can get on the same. [link to torrage.com] (First install [link to www.utorrent.com] or download will not work - and read about or buy the full course here: [link to www.thegatewayexperience.com] )

I can almost guarantee you will succeed greatly, using both these together.

I would also recommend you, as an addition, the free audio course on remote viewing by Courtney Brown, found here: [link to farsight.org]
 Quoting: SolarSon

Yep! I've got all these tools, Rev. I've been doing Monroe's Gateway series for years. Robert Bruce's book is good, but some of the things he says are 'facts' about the astral are not, as I have disproven some of them. But, excellent stuff.

Courtney Brown's books are really fun to read. get both of them, Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorers.

Also Robert Bruce's book used to come with a cd with a binaural beats program. See if you can score a book that includes the cd.
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals 865798
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