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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle High Plains Jester
Post Content
I don't trust the pineal nor the chakras, part of the fragmented spiritual paradigm we're assumed to take on as our own imo.

Though, it's perhaps a good experience to see for ones self what an advanced biological matrix is like...

To see how we manage and to have a helpful experience, exhausting possibilities.

I prefer the single heart center, which includes, balances and transcends all dualities.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12566526

I too prefer the single heart center, but the chakras are important functions. You can look at it as a prism. The white, all inclusive, light enters into the vessel, splits itself into 7 distinct centers, which control and effect your reality. Step one in the process of transcendental evolution is to correct any errors in any of these centers. It is up to you to govern their rate of spin and the amount of information they take in and put out. In my personal experience, after these adjustments have been made, a shift into a new perspective can be made. The seven split can be adjusted into a three. Red, yellow, and blue. Once again, these have to be appropriately managed and maintained to a perfect resonance. Then, back to the white singularity. The divine matrix. By "not trusting" your own system, and trying to focus only on the singularity aspect, your forgetting the whole reason to inhabit a human vessel. Why even manifest to begin with if not choosing to learn to operate the system that we are?
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