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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle High Plains Jester
Post Content
DNA... Yep, everyone's DNA is different.

Conductor....Everyone is....

 Quoting: High Plains Jester

The only way to explain this particular DNA is that it was touched with Divine Intervention.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Lol once again....everyone's is. Your point being?
 Quoting: High Plains Jester

It is a New Godlike Bloodline.

You know how the Elite were focused on certain bloodlines from Fallen Angels over 2000 years ago.

This is a New and Improved Bloodline.

And it's not Human.

It's something way more advanced.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Methinks someone has been licking the mercury outta thermometers
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