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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Ministar
Post Content

I have been doing a lot of thinking and looking for answers inside myself. I think you are correct when you say that what we believe is real, aint real at all. Even if you are 'awake and aware' of the fake world we live in. I have read a lot of stuff the last five years and I have gone through a lot of steps in my concious/being. And everytime I thought 'wow this is it, this is what resonates with me' but later on it did not resonate at all. It was just another trap of the matrix world! It goes so deep! For pretty much everything that is outside of your self, it is some kind of trap/ilusion. Today I just cut the rope.. I will only follow my own feeling/truth/intuition, only ask myself how and what.. even if I do not get the answers straight away. The only path/way out of this matrix is by going in, into your heart and trust yourself 100%.

I just feel that you are being ownest and taking a big risk by writing your info, so thank you for sharing. I also feel that some others of your family/group will do the same.. eventualy in the end (end of the game) every soul will find their way home hf
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