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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
I actually believe some very good, spiritually aware, people get sucked into "BOXES", when they sign up for the mystery schools. Like any religion, the perimeters are set, and then there are layers to encourage a seeking, with something seedy at the top. So a BOX. A trap! If you buy the whole thing and don't just sail in and grab info and exit, and use discernment.

A truly discerning soul that is deprogrammed or deprogramming, who has a recognition of Love and Goodness and Equality, can read from any book (if their spirit allows them too, I actually can't read from some, for there is a demonic or negative gravity, dwarf star, black hole, crawly, prickly aura in some of them, such as the Cassiopian Wave, and I can't read the Law of One or Ra's stuff, and I will explain that shortly). Energy recognition can prevent some of us from reading some things. But on the other hand, there are some that can sail into that and actually look at the material and then find all the "distortions". Because like many works and mystery school stuff, they put just enough in to lure you, then at key points, distort truth. So its actually good to be able to go in. But I have a strong repulsion to gravity and it makes me sick.

But, a truly discerning soul will pick up any book, and see what is Love and ignore the rest, or study the rest and expose the dark side's plans with it.

Do not put yourself in a box.

They don't understand What Infinity actually means and what's actually going on in these tests here, and have taken some very basic things, that a child in the jungles could practice, Love, Discernment, Not Following Bad Orders, Equality, Kindness, Patience, Peace, and instead turned into a nightmare of metaphors, and symbolism, pictographs, geography and really screwed alot of minds.
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