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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Now, I don't tend to go into some channeled writings, but will give the 2 I mentioned as an example of danger danger.

1. Cassiopian Wave. Someone who wrote on this forum, can't remember his handles, for I didn't follow that stuff then, and then on another forum, really promoted something elitist and extremely negative. I pegged him as a MKultra or military guy really, with a occult background and a possible Elohim or Annanuki/ET type source or influence. But I also prayed alot for him. As I do for all. I hold them in my heart chakra, and remind them they are Light and Whole and who they really are: LOVE, and then request to talk to their Higher Self, which sometimes that connection does happen, and their Higher Selves are Wonderful Hero's, gentle, humor, filled with romantic brotherly love, not the wrong kind. And what I cannot do or interfere, I can ask for help and interference from their own Souls. I don't play games in dark holes for planets. The prime directive is to get people the hell out of here, and its too programmed to be free will, currently, so we are allowed to ask away for positive intervention.

In any case, this guy liked to tell everyone they were just tares, and that they would be reformatted, etc etc. And being Loving wasnt how you passed your tests and progressed. No, it was on obedience and obey, and following the ego of another.

A few of us had long discussions with him, trying to get him to heal and become more loving.

In any case, he kept promoting this Cassiopian wave and got into a private talk with me. I tried to get out of it and so in the end, agreed to read this thing, against my own recognition of teh gravity, after trying to tell him, I knew the energy, its the opposite of Goodness and who I am, but he started getting authortative and giving me warnings, and I just didn't have the heart to speak up, so took the short cut of agreeing to read it. On that forum his name was Adonai Christ Bless. We called him ACB.

Was that ever a mistake! I didn't get far. A few chapters!

I felt this negative energy assail me, in fact, it scanned me, like gravity within scanning me.

Now here is the problem for those who are aware and recognize the key players here on both sides, is that you are actually giving permissions when you go against what you know is right, and falling (thankfully temporal, and only for a short time)

So basically its like, I had worked hard to raise frequency and Love, and become conscious daily, and Love and Compassionate even the bad guys who were accessing in ufology related events and gained REAL PROTECTION. Because ARK is acts of random kindness.

And getting on task with your Soul's Duty, Purpose. Doing the Right Thing and being LOVE.

And now, the dark side was just waiting to jump on me and my family all this time.

So the door opened.

I woke up with my son running down the stairs, my youngest, then 9.

He threw the quilt on the floor saying it had paralyzed him.

He said that hooded goons, what ACB later admitted were jackyls and worked with the military or black ops, negative black op jackyls. They had a kind of wand, stick, or cattle prod in their hands.

Every time my son tried to resist. They touched his stomach with these sticks and he said, it was like being punched in the stomach.

He broke the state of paralysis by his will and strength.

My son when he was only 6 or 7 years of age, woke up and told me, He Protected Our Home!!!! He was the protector, and I've been told he is an Indigo. He's very psi.

Anyway, I got a huge lump in my lymph gland/neck and needed antibiotics for a month.

Those doors were renounced and closed.

And ACB apologized.

Laura channels Legion on a Ouji Board. Oh, but she is so blessed and successful, look at her life, I was told. Us speakers of truth and wisdom are poor, and struggling and often health problems.

I spoke up and said, Yup, well, the devil rewards his own

Real Family and Light Workers, go down to the trenches, and roll up their sleeves. Wisdom looks up from the bottom of the well!!!!!
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