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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Now, that was kind of Oct-Nov of 2010.

So in November that year, this was a few months after moving into our new rental home I believe. In any case. I had contact in the evening, telepathic with some of the groups I have had contact. A long blond haired woman in a form fitting blue uniform, and I could see/sense the craft in my back yard with my insight. And that evening, got a checkup, physical one, and was actually helped by them to heal.

The covers moved on their own, hands were touching my head, but I am very cautious with those kind of things, so jumped up (and by the way, never paralyzed by good guys) to take my antibiotics I was still on due to the Cassiopian Wave ordeal, that I had forgotten.

My second oldest son, then 19, came out of the bathroom and said, "Mom, for a second I saw a huge blue orb behind your back. It was about a meter in diameter"
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