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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Law Of One. I had this book given to me years ago, before I was awake. This guy kept saying, I am Ra!. There was a part in it where he said, if you go further ,he will send his runners out to you to help you.

That book got shown its new home in the garbage can.

No runners needed, thank you very much. I know what those are. Also, he had this similar, gravity, death star, dwarf star, black hole, type gravity that I get sick around.

OK, so the Law of One is very popular. From what others can read in it, some of it is very idealistc. Except for some very basic problems and distortions.

WE ARE NOT ONE. Infinity shows you what exists, infinite fractals, infintie energies, infinite energies, infinite intellects. One is a concrete, and has both a beginning and an ending, it would already have passed. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111.......................

Wrap your mind around infinity, its mind boggling and the most exciting of all things to examine.

Existence is wonderful and profound.

If infinity is a circle to you, the old book "the bear is stupid, the bear is stupid, circles just circles" comes to mind. It is indeed the Spiral of Progression.


We are all unique rays, like snowflakes.

Earth is about BECOMING! And doing it "our way". Passing the tests of Love and Equality, Our Way! Uniquely.

So let go of my ego! Indeed.

When I started exploring infintiy, I met with my Higher Self, within. I was contemplating the infinity within:

Beyond our Universe - Infinity Zoom [HD]

The ending is the point of it.

And I had over a month of downloads.

This life, when you finally pass the earth tests, is like the Film Clip that holds the infinite roll of film of your life.

Its the framework or foundation.

And there is no Duality "up" there, where there is no up/down, past/future, higher/lower, for you cannot take a measurement in Infinity. There is no Time.

At one point in these downloads, I was having a deep conversation on infinity and the holographic/matrix universe with my then 18 year old son, and he was saying, Thats just the way it is, and I was saying, No Way, that is a cop out, there has to be a reason for infinite something, not infinite nothing.

And, we both shared a vision.

The "Old Man" stepped out of the sky, laughing with delight at the students mulling over this question.

My son shot up, looking startled. And I knew he had experienced this too.

So I tested him "He laughed!"

My son nodded in shock.

There is Oneness, not ONE.

We are not ONE with murders.

God/GOODNESS is not a duality.

We're in tests to overcome duality.

BE LOVE! And seek. You will understand for the way will open. Your own soul will show you.

My Higher Self gave me several conscious contacts, one in childhood.

But one coming down the stairs feeling low key and poor health, and suddenly with each step, the room lit up, and home opened up and She asked me, with joy and humor and love, "Where do you think you are? Do you ever think you truly leave home?"

And I saw myself on a cot with see through curtains and my loved ones all around.

Then I saw a cafe curtain.

Then I saw the big red theatre curtains pull back on the movie of our lives.

And everything is recorded forever.

We have to be the hero's of this thing. No more bloopers and no meanness allowed

Family is NOT TOUGH LOVE. Turn the dial higher and higher on:

Humility, Kindness, Beauty, Equality, Fairness, Compassion, Gentleness, Intelligence, Awareness, Freedom, Truth, Love!

The Law of Oner's are actually, like the Hidden Hand message, trying to set you up for: Control is Love, its only for your own good.

Fema camps are Love, its only for your own good.

WE are loving you, when we kill, murder, rape, etc.

Renounce that distortion!

There is a right and there is a wrong, and we're testing everyday.

One day its pencils down. And our frequency level will assign us our realm.

If we like this world of extremes and injustice and social darwinism, survival of the fittest, there are even more extreme realms under even bigger predators, to explore our attraction to hellzone material in.
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