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Message Subject What was on Mitt Romney's flag pin?.....>>>>>
Poster Handle Herman The Kid
Post Content

Respectfully disagree. That is a parallelogram as opposed to a pentagram.
 Quoting: Herman The Kid

Maybe a rhombus?
 Quoting: THX 1138

I tried to figure it out but I never could tell.

As for calling the Stars and Stripes "some old rag", I will remind those poking fun at the idea of our country to give us a better plan.

I just watched Adolph Juliani on MSNBC bragging on the Bush tax cuts. The way the camera angles and zooms worked, I am sure they are promoting Romney.

Also, the lesbian on MSNBC seems really mad. I don't watch this network ever but I am so reminded why I don't watch "TV" or "MSM". This is disgusting.

They went out of their way to make it obvious that a lesbian and metrosexual white young guy with Malcom X glasses were trying to say Romney wants to give a ZJ to rich people, no matter what the facts were/are.
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