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Message Subject I want to hear from people who think Obama is doing well tonight.
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Actually Obama came out with opening remarks that were hostile. Romney has consistently been fair and balanced. Obama is not a nice man. His wife is not a nice woman. She said nasty thigns about Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Obama is also not as knowledgeable about the economy as Romney.

And finally, Obama is not as honest. He and his campaign consistently misrepresents Romney's positions. Tonight Romney called him on it. Time after time after time. And Obama had no answers. He could not support his empty attacks. 

I don't know why anyone would feel sorry for this guy.

nnnnnNo Michelle said some nasty things about Oprah but they are BFF's now. Obama was more than above board with Mittens, he did, as you say, make the opening zinger, but that was just to draw out Romney. Which worked because he couldn't resist about the plane and the house. Useless shots. Bommy had answers, knowlegeable answers, and we will be much more empathetic with his situation come Friday.
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