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Message Subject I want to hear from people who think Obama is doing well tonight.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I think Romney won tonight's debate. However, the Obama campaign's strategy for the debate tonight was clear: We have the lead. Let's play it close to the vest. Don't attack. Don't be aggressive, etc. While I understand that strategy (seeing as how Obama is slightly ahead in the popular vote, and MOST IMPORTANTLY Obama's ahead in the majority of key swing states that Mitt Romney HAS to win 7 of 8 of), Obama's strategy for the second debate will be much different. It'll be more like Obama the 2008 Presidential candidate.
 Quoting: Thor's Hamster

No strategy sets out to make you look as bad as he did tonight. He was playing it close to the vest because he had no choice. He didn't even call him out on things he was expected to call him out on.

I think he's been coddled by the media who has spent 4 years asking no real questions. At one point he even asked to move on to the next subject. He's used to not having to answer, he's used to no real questions. He's been unaccountable, off on David Letterman and the view while the Middle East burns. He was no match for someone who actually did know what was going on and had the facts to prove it.

Obama has gotten away with dirty tactic rumors and spins and stupidly, arrogantly, thought he could get away with it again tonight. He was totally unprepared to actually have to face facts with no media to intercept for him.

Romney showed he's ready to be president. Obama showed he's all smoke and mirrors. Without the media, standing there all exposed, he showed his true colors.

The Obama in 2008? That's the problem. He's still the Obama from 2008. Only tonight he got schooled by someone who showed their ready for 2012.
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