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Message Subject I want to hear from people who think Obama is doing well tonight.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I'm an independent and Mr. Obama did well with me. I made up my mind finally and donated to his campaign. The economy is bad and his foreign policy is in pieces. There are many things I am concerned about regarding his leadership but I realized I am a single issue voter. I want my sister to have a chance at getting healthcare which her employer if 16 years doesn't provide. I think she has a better chance of that with Obamacare than with Mr. Romney's alternative.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24537507

When I graduated high school the very same day that Robert F. Kennedy was assasinated in 1968, I could get a job that paid me well enough to live on my own. People could afford to go to college without a load of debt. My grandmother was able to live on Social Security. Federal Income taxes on the rich were much higher, but the difference was that Congress seemed to care about education, health care, and the middle class. The thinking, then, was that if Americans were educated, had good jobs, and could be financially secure, then that would benefit the United States itself.

Now, many in Congress are owned by Big Money whose financial interests are not confined to the US, so these people -- the Wealthy Elite -- could care less about what happens to the middle class (unless it makes them money, of course). This state of affairs didn't happen overnight. It took a long time and numerous laws enacted over the years designed to benefit Big Money. Now, however, the "cake is baked," so to speak.

And in the last 30 years, it has been the Republican Presidents and the Republican Congresses that have presided over the biggest transfer of wealth known to mankind. The Wealthy Elite now own MOST of the wealth, while the middle class has been squeezed out.

In 1993, Clinton pushed through a tax hike on the upper 1% without a single Republican vote. In fact, it was said that this tax hike would destroy the economy. (Sound familiar?) But the fact is that the tax hike helped offset the deficit that Reagan/Bush had created. The result was a budget surplus in 2000 that was expected to grow over time. As we now know, BushII enacted his own version of "Trickle Down" economics and started two wars which resulted in deficits in the trillions of dollars. Lack of oversight and regulations resulted in the financial crisis of 2008 -- the worst since the Great Depression.

In spite of this, the Wealthy Elite have become richer, while the middle class continues to struggle.

The above synopsis of the events of the past 40-plus years is the reason people should vote for Democrats. They, as a general rule, enact programs that benefit the middle class. Programs such as: Social Security; Medicare; Medicaid; Student Loan programs; Pell Grants; the GI Bill; the Chips program; and so on. These were all promoted by Democrats.

In regard to Obamacare -- the reason Obama was determined to get that legislation through Congress is because of what happened to his mother. He witnessed her fighting with an insurance company while she was dying of cancer in the hospital! She had recently changed jobs and her new insurance company didn't want to pay for her treatments, because they claimed that her cancer was a "pre-existing" condition. (Sound familiar?) That experience touched him so deeply that he was determined that he would do everything he could to make sure it didn't happen to others.

Also -- Obama has done a lot for this country. More than he is given credit for. I won't try to list even his major accomplishments here, but I will say that it's important to note that 40% of the Stimulus Bill, enacted in 2009, is comprised of tax cuts.

And given the fact that the transfer of wealth to the upper 1% has taken place over decades and would have to be a concerted, definite, and systematic PLAN, don't you think that the media whores paid for by the Wealthy Elite would smear and lie about anyone who "bucks the system"? As Obama and Clinton have been lied about?

Just look at the results. Clinton left a budget surplus when he left office in 2000. And right now, the US economy is turning around, slowly but surely, while the rest of the world is still in recession.
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