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Message Subject I want to hear from people who think Obama is doing well tonight.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It can be a bad thing to talk to much. When being questioned and you give to much detail the more your speak to define your innocence, your good, your better way or yours is the right way..correct not worng.

When on the stand it usually is better to be a man of few words. If you are the one being put on a stand for trial of your guilt...negligence...wrong...not acceptable...not qualified. So to say.

All that is put out there will be examined closely in a deliberation looking for any lacking to your defense and support by: supportive declarations or accusations, unsupported claims or declarations and accusations, facts given by you or alluded to or absent in relation to questions asked, adding in spoken facts or responses or claims not submitted prior in your case file or history, Motives, maneuvers or ply's used in what was submitted by your own self spoken testimony.

It can be picked to pieces and shredded...by debunking any given claims or accusation with real facts or evidences..it can be shredded by changing any thing you previous stood and spoke of on record, it can be shredded if you with held information deliberately....then gave it out in a time not appropriate. Meaning a time where no other evidences could be submitted for or against this information dumping. this is considered unfair information even sabotage of the full hearing and trial by hearing both sides. When it comes to all evidences and claims and pleas to be heard with proofs or evidences of them or in support of them. Trial manipulation bad thing.

The review of all that is said will be combed over with a knit comb to rake the bugs out. This will be by those opposing the speaker as well the side supporting. It will be a two way review. And it will be allowed and used to bleed the sometimes damaging many words of speech needed out of the one you are opposing. They will allow you to run on and on if your own defense does not shut you up.

None the less all will be picked to shreds. When all the court room crying stops and the hooray way to go and sock it to them dies down...even the justice justice we want justice.

The noise of this is laying dead and the knit picking is deliberating over all that was submitted with out the side show arena or grand stands of audience. Even the cheerleaders are erased from this.

Then out steps the conclusion to all that was submitted....right or wrongs good or bad. Even inconclusive.

There has been one president known in our US history as a man of few words.

His reply was "You lose."
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22054163

And Romney will be charged with perjury.
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