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Message Subject I want to hear from people who think Obama is doing well tonight.
Poster Handle blinders off
Post Content
Something as of late really seems to be burdening Obamas mind.He looks tired and unfocused.He looked that way during his speech at the dnc convention too,but at least he had a teleprompter to power him through that.Im not a Obama fan but i cant believe he`s simply bored and uninterested in his job, he has goals he wants to achieve still.Either he knows something we dont regarding our future,or he has become a egomaniac feeling himself above all of these proceedings.That may be the case judging from the grimaces on his face when contradicted by Romney.
 Quoting: blinders off

He's an egomaniac that is out of his element and he not only isn't used to that, he doesn't like it...simple.

Look at his entire career, even his academic career. All he has ever done is orate to an adoring audience and whatever he wants magically gets done by others. He never wrote squat for the Harvard Law review, yet he was the first black editor. What did he ever do as a State Senator?...no one seems to know, he voted "present" more often than not. How was he elected a state Senator?...the Chicago Dem Machine got his opponant disqualified...he makes a soaring speech at the DNC and everyone swoons. He runs for US senator and his opponant in that race Jack Ryan withdraws. He withdraws because the Obama machine got a California court to release previously sealed court documents with some embarrasing issues surrounding the child custody divorce case. Obama proceeds to DC as a US senator and is virtually in active campaign mode for president as soon as he arrives.

He makes soaring speeches, hope and change and again...everyone swoons and he gets astro-glided along...

The Demonrats have full control of both houses of congress and for 2 years again, he orates to adoring crowds and gets everything he wants...or so it seems...2010 people are pissed off and they take away his omnipotent control of the legislative branch...he doesn't like that, he knows that he can no longer get everything he wants by not really doing anything to earn it.

Then right on que as the new congress has just come into session the middle east begins to melt down...he promotes the "Arab spring" more idealistic rhetoric, but the congress is not all happy about that. He is beginning to become hostile toward the non compliant house...things are not so easy any longer and he is not getting everything he wants and he is not used to that, nor likes it...then around a year later where we are?...the middle east caves in on his "Arab Spring", we have a dead ambassador and people are BLAMING HIM for all the things that have gone wrong and all the things that could not magically fix themselves, un-employment is still far too high...economic growth is horrible and stuck on slow...

He feels he has done what he was supposed to, he spent a trillion dollar stimulus, he brought the dream of govt healthcare to life, he played smooshy face with the Muslims...and yet things are not working, he does not understand nor care why, all he knows is that he doesn't like it and he doesn't like being President anymore. If he didn't think he was supposed to run for a second term because that's what a good president does?...he wouldn't be...and when he loses he will secretly be one of the happiest men in DC...

What he really wants to be is an actor playing a US President where in the script everything works, everyone loves him and he gets the accolades he's used to. He doesn't like being the real president anymore because it's hard and there are a lot of pain in the ass things to deal with.
 Quoting: SHR

You absolutely nailed it.When his ability to get whatever he wanted started to wain, that`s when the 923 executive orders started to get signed and thats when he started bypassing congress and appointing his countless czars unilaterally.
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