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Message Subject I want to hear from people who think Obama is doing well tonight.
Poster Handle Top Hat
Post Content
Something as of late really seems to be burdening Obamas mind.He looks tired and unfocused.He looked that way during his speech at the dnc convention too,but at least he had a teleprompter to power him through that.Im not a Obama fan but i cant believe he`s simply bored and uninterested in his job, he has goals he wants to achieve still.Either he knows something we dont regarding our future,or he has become a egomaniac feeling himself above all of these proceedings.That may be the case judging from the grimaces on his face when contradicted by Romney.
 Quoting: blinders off

I've been saying this too. You say it better, however. Obama is a Bi-Polar, Manic/Depressive. Since this year, he hasn't been on his game at all. He's gone from too angry black guy to too cocky, more and more

He's slowly added a little ghetto inflection. He can't brag about his middle east policy as its a CIA op. Michelle wants to go to Hawaii to get her Barak and life back. She desperately wants to win 4 more, but she knows Barak and the economy doesn't have it in him.

That's an eventual divorce there. Barak is gone, mentally. He's a closet narcissist. Needs that spotlight. Barak has slowly withered. He will not ride off into the sun graciously.

Michelle, on the other hand, has blossomed as a person. She has undergone magnificent growth and development. Self Confidence. Graciousness. This has been a tremendous boost to her self esteem.

But her Barak has withered. Last night proved it. Look at her face prior to the debate. She was worried nearly sick about him facing Romney. Afraid they'll be outed as frauds. Afraid what did happen would happen.

Romney brought a Buzz Saw. Barak brought his failed policies. Basically debated himself down the tubes.
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