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Message Subject Who do you believe won tonight's debate?
Poster Handle Canadian_lady25
Post Content
personally, while i was pleasantly surprised at how well spoken romney was, i was disappointed by his... i dunno.. attitude? i felt like he was being disrespectful of the debate process and acting as if he felt he was in charge of things, and not the moderator. while i think they both spoke well, i feel like obama seemed more respectful of the process of the debate in general. as far as their talking points, the things they say, etc. they're both lying assholes :)
 Quoting: Canadian_lady25

Obama more respectful? really? I thought his comment to the moderator about having 5 seconds until he was interupted was a display of his usual rude and arrogant self.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23459660

as opposed to the many times romney basically ignored the moderator, and continued to talk over him when his turn to speak was supposed to be over?
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