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Message Subject Who do you believe won tonight's debate?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Romney won hands down ..

Unfortunately, this is how the ignorant of USA will interpret:

Obama, cool calm collected the entire time. He was never rude to Jim. Romney had too much ammunition against Obama, but he appeared overly aggressive and disrespectful to the moderator, not allowing Jim to move to the next segment several times. Obama was apologetic and complimentary, "Sorry" .. "You're doing a great job Jim."

I could tell Romney wanted to throw out the big guns (i.e. Libya, Fast of the Furious), but he's going to save it for the last debate, the most memorable debate being the last w/ the most viewers.

Hell, Obama's core voters aren't watching this shit; they don't care about policy. For Obama, this is about appealing to new voters & our elders. He's gauranteed the black, hispanic, young, gay, atheist, the Media, agnostic, 99 percenters (non-rich white) votes -- that's if they even bother to vote. What does Mitt have? The 1 percenters, fat people, and private business owners?

Romney will win all debates, but Obama has been carefully attacking and shaping up his constituents these past 4 years, artfully~

Either way, we lose.
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