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Message Subject Who do you believe won tonight's debate?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If Obama is smart...he is playing the "rope a dope" game...that is a boxing strategy from Mohammed Ali...you let your opponent think they are in the game

tell him how scared you are and how good he is and how impressed you are

Obama- love him or hate him is a stunning orator that doesn't need a teleprompter and can blow anybody's doors off in a debate

Yapping with passion to me is impressive because people can really get impressed with rose coloured bullshit if it's worded the right way and Obama is a master at speech making

I have not seen anybody that can bullshit with that kind of passion like Obama can...face it- he's still a politician...he;s going to say the right things at the right time - Romney hasn't got a prayer in this kind of face to face shit...I;m not saying Obama is a good representative for the country but he WILL make Romney want to curl up and slap his mother at the end of these debates

It's like being a pastor/priest/evangelist..you say the right words in the right order and draw passion out of the listeners..they actually could care less about whether the shit you say might not be possible but you convinced them with your passion and got them emotionally involved for a while..they connect..and vote based on passion-not common sense!- this is GLP dammit!
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